أفضل 25 رسمة لأصدقائي في برنامج Draw Something الموجود بالأيفون والأندرويد

برنامج Draw Something
لعبة قد حصلت علا ملايين المتتبعين عبر الفيسبوك والتويتر وفي تطوير مستمر
التطبيق قديم لكن تم نجاحه بعد تحديث الشركة له واصداره علا الأيفون والأندرويد

حبيت أشاركم بعض الرسمات الجميلة واتمنى تتبعوني علا البرنامج
أبحثو عن أسمي

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1. Axe
A clever interpretation of the memorable body spray.

By timstahl87

2. Batman
He is vengance. He is the night.

By timstahl87

3. Bowser
Your princess is in another castle.

By tr3vanlitch

4. Conan

5. Dumbo
Look at those ears!

By staceynerdin

6. Eminem
The real Slim Shady. (The image doesn't show if he's standing or not.)

By nickthrolson

7. Ewok
This looks like Wickett, the most famous Ewok.

By kendallaking

8. Gaga
Caught in a Draw Something...

By kendallaking

9. Goofy
By tr3vanlitch

10. Hawkeye
This one might be a little tougher to guess.

User unknown

11. Ironman
I wonder if anyone has tried to draw the Black Sabbath song.

By kendallaking

12. Lil Wayne
I recognize him because of the hat.

By kendallaking

13. Lion King
A sight any New Yorker knows.

By kendallaking

14. Ludacris
Isn't using words cheating?

By kendallaking

15. Owl
Hoo! Hoo!

User unknown

16. Papa Smurf
By tr3vanlitch

17. Pirate

By kendallaking

18. Snoopy
The classic Snoopy pose.

By Travis

19. Superman
By icekold

20. Two-Face
Definitely the Dark Knight version.

By icekold

21. Tupac
I think the text here is essential.

By mithical

22. Vader
This Vader is our favorite. It looks ominous.

By tr3vanlitch

23. Whip
Whip it good!

By Icekold

24. Whisker
By icekold

25. Woody
There's a snake in my boot.

By tammyng
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